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OOPUS is folk on acid!

OOPUS is a folktronica fourpiece from a country of wild forests, magical bogs, sea and tech innovation. Its members fuse together thousands of years old Estonian runo songs, analog acid synths, movement triggered lights and visuals electrifying the dance floor like no other. Their powerful genre bending performances induce a ritualistic experience that erases the borders between high and pop culture, ancient and modern – it is a true to the roots ethno rave.

In 2022 OOPUS released a live audiovisual improvisation album “Inventing Lunar Cycle” and their 2nd studio album “Folk On Acid” in addition to several singles and remixes.

OOPUS is in charge of the Folktronica Showcase production at Tallinn Music Week, and actively curates and develops the genre globally through networks and collaborations.

OOPUS is …

Genre: acidfolk, folktronica, livetronica, electronic, folk, techno, acid, trance, live, crossover, audiovisual
#oopus #oopusmusic #folkonacid #folktronica

OOPUS was voted among TOP3 and TOP5 export ready artists at TMW in 2021 and 2022. Mari Meentalo, singer and bagpipe player from OOPUS, is part of Keychange cohort 2022. OOPUS is an active member of Estonia’s music export office Music Estonia. The band was awarded with Raadio 2 prize at Estonian traditional music awards Etnokulp 2022 for their 2nd studio album “Folk On Acid”.

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OOPUS presents: Folktronica x Tallinn Music Week 2024
Fotografiska Tallinn, Estonia

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OOPUS live x Mulgi Reiv 2024
Kesk 8, Linna, Tõrva, 68619 Valga Maakond, Eesti

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Põhjala factory open studio day – come visit us!
Marati 5a, Studiohouse, room 212, Põhjala Factory


OOPUS live x Soome-ugri clubnight in Tallinn
Club of Different Rooms, Tallinn, Estonia




“OOPUS gives an unparalleled performance [at Eurosonic Noorderslag 2023] and shows that you can go to Eastern Europe for musical idiosyncrasy.”

André Rozendaal
Make a Fuzz, 2023

“The fun [at Tallinn Music Week 2022] peaks with the hard acid nutjobbery of local loons OOPUS."

Ian Harrison
Mojo, 2022

"OOPUS - a group of local Estonians who bravely mix sour tones and heavy beats of acid house together with traditional music /.../ With excellent visual effects, tireless dancer/performer in the foreground, OOPUS managed to create a real ethno rave [at Viljandi Folk 2022]."

Kaspars Zaviļeiskis, 2022


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